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Starting from year 2003, multi national highly professionals participated our team to introduce
SESCO Consultation for steel rolling projects.
Up to-date, our team assisted different steel rolling clients in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
The team covers steel rolling processes through high understanding of rolling techniques up to
steel products such as:
Long products; Bar, Rod and shapes up to finishing facilities include reheating furnace.
Flat products; hot and cold including processing lines
Extensive steel rolling operating experience allows us to provide "hands on" operation analysis and performance improvement assistance.
Management Group assures that our client derives all potential benefits from the given project.
We are committed to deliver value to our clients regardless the project size - from small studies for mini mill to large plant engineering and construction projects.
Scope of Services
SESCO consulting team able to provide the total technical requirements of steel rolling project through the following major services:
1 Feasibility studies and technology selection review.
2 Bidding documents preparation and review.
3 Offers analysis, comparison and evaluation.
4 Technical and specification reviews.
5 Benchmarking and best practice review.
6 Schedule Monitoring & Operations Review.
7 Assist to develop customized process control systems.
8 Attend start up performance guarantee test.
9 Support for data analysis & Problem solving.
10 Prepare & Implement equipment work.
standard& process control.
11 Prepare & implement maintenance system & schedules.
12 Assist to minimize production down time.
13 Manpower organization and training based on field experience.
SESCO consultants team have proven track record which allow
us to offer specific consultation as following:
  • Pass design services
  • Operations consulting and specialized rolling courses
  • Capability studies for rolling of new products and grades
  • Study to improve and revamp or extend mill plant
  • Plant capacity calculations
  • Roll force, roll torque and motor power calculations
  • Budget cost and investment planning
Utilizing the most advanced tools:
Computer Aided Design Software
Planning and Scheduling Software
Engineering Design and Analysis software
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